• FAQs of top itservices AG: personnel service provider in IT and engineering
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  • FAQs of top itservices AG: personnel service provider in IT and engineering
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  • FAQs of top itservices AG: personnel service provider in IT and engineering
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  • FAQs of top itservices AG: personnel service provider in IT and engineering

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Your questions – our answers

What you as an expert want to know about working with a personnel and service provider. Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Your top-7 FAQ's

  • What added value do I get from working with you?

  • You can count on top itservices AG as a partner by your side :
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    We are personally here for you!
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    While you concentrate on your projects, we take care of the details!
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    We transfer your pay in next to no time – regardless of the client’s term of payment! That’s our USP.
  • What additional services do I get as your partner?

  • We offer our experts individual support with a dedicated contact person, to guarantee fast and open communication.

    What you get from us:
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    Personal advice and support local to you
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    Status updates on the advertised vacancy
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    Opportunities for further development and discussion with colleagues
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    Help with contract and invoice management
  • What types of contract does top itservices AG offer?

  • We have the relevant information for planning a successful career in the IT industry. We work with you to find the right job or a suitable project for you.

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    Personnel placement for permanent positions
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    Service and special-order contracts for freelance working
  • What are the benefits of the various contract types?

  • Freelance partnership
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    You get challenging projects with reputable clients
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    We offer you follow-up jobs
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    We pay you five days after receiving your invoice

    Contract work
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    Contract work is a springboard for your career
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    You get to know well-known companies
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    We pay above the going rate

    Personnel placement
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    We look for the right position for you
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    We support you through the whole application process
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    We coach you before every interview
  • What aspects of working with your company would benefit me?

  • There are three aspects in particular that are important for IT freelancers:
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    That everything goes smoothly, from signing the contract right through to invoicing
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    That the processes involved in working together are transparent, and
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    That payment of invoices is fast and reliable
    We are the partner you can depend on!
  • How does the partnership with your company work for me as an expert?

  • Our working relationship with you will always be fair and based on partnership. This includes regular communication throughout the application process – from initial contact to placement and beyond.
  • How can I make sure I am always in demand in the market?

  • A combination of strong specialist skills, industry expertise and soft skills are the best basis for success as a freelancer. Further training and always keeping up with new technologies are also crucial, and it is helpful to swap ideas and opinions with colleagues and to work on pilot projects. It’s also important to keep your rates reasonable and your profile up to date.

FAQs on job search/vacancies

  • How exact are the address details in the individual job descriptions?

  • Often the address is only given as the centre of the employer’s town or location, and not the exact company address.
  • What order are the job vacancies displayed in?

  • If you don’t specify any search criteria, the vacancies will be listed according to when they were posted, with the most recent first. This means that, as a visitor, you have the chance to be the first person to see the latest vacancy.
  • What happens to my address info if I enter my location via Google?

  • It’s important to know that you are only entering your location for the purposes of top itservices AG’s vicinity search, so it is only passed on to us.

    We access a standard function of Google, which in turn determines your approximate location. With this information, we can then offer you a search within the vicinity. This has the advantage that you can display the job vacancies according to their distance from the specified location.

FAQ on contracting

  • What is contract work/contracting?

  • Contracting is a type of employment whereby an employee, for example an employee of top itservices AG, is placed with a client company for a project or a fixed period. The top itservices AG employee performs the work for this client company. Because top itservices AG has many clients, the employee can work for several different companies.
  • What does employee leasing mean?

  • Employee leasing refers to how the contracting process works. The employee leasing company (top itservices AG) enters into a contract for the project (employee leasing contract) with the client (lessee). The employee receives their wage or salary from top itservices AG.

    For more information and the link to German Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (iGZ e.V.), see page German Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG).
  • Does contracting offer interesting income opportunities?

  • top itservices AG focuses on the leasing of highly motivated specialists from the IT and engineering sectors. Pay is above average in these sectors. .
  • How is the contracting industry developing?

  • Contracting is an area that is growing very strongly and at the same time changing. More and more often, clients are requesting highly qualified specialists. In the future – according to forecasts – companies will be looking for more and more academics and qualified employees with specialist knowledge and professional experience. top itservices AG was founded in 1980 as TOP CONSULTING GmbH and anticipated this trend. From the beginning we specialised in placing well-qualified experts from the IT and engineering sectors.
  • How long are contractors employed for on average?

  • The majority of clients are interested in longer-term hiring: In 2013 around 50 percent of our contractors were employed on a project for more than 18 months. In 30 percent of cases our contractors spend 7-12 months with a company. Often they are then taken on permanently after 12 months. 13 percent of our contractors work for a client for 13 to 18 months, around five percent for 4-6 months, and just two percent for less than three months.

    (Source: top itservices AG )
  • What opportunities does contracting offer applicants?

  • Contract work offers specialists access to interesting projects with internationally operating companies. In addition we offer our contractors a wide variety of career opportunities with different companies in different roles. For example, with us you can go down the route from automotive supplier to manufacturer, taking on roles with different, increasing responsibilities.

    Contracting is also an interesting option for those who are just starting out in their career, as it gives them the chance to take up positions with well-known companies without prior professional experience and gain experience there. That way they can expand their personal know-how and acquire additional specialist expertise.

    Contracting also gives you the chance to obtain references from well-known employers.

    Pay is in line with the market and for most roles above average.
  • What groups of people is contracting suitable for?

  • For career beginners, contracting gives them the chance to develop quickly and take on responsible positions. For people changing careers, it allows them to take on new professional challenges in the IT or engineering environment. Those returning to work after a career break can get reacquainted with their former occupation. Freelancers too are using contracting these days to join new projects with interesting companies in the medium term, to tide them over between assignments.
  • When is contracting an option for companies?

  • Contracting offers companies more flexibility to respond to rapidly changing market situations. This allows them to grow more quickly and hold their own against the competition. Contracting can be an option if freelancers cannot be used for operational or strategic reasons.
  • Why are highly-qualified experts employed through contracting? (Reasons)

  • If there are temporary restrictions on hiring permanent staff, companies can recruit, for example, career beginners, who then build up the specialist know-how and are gradually introduced to the company culture. But recruiting an expert via contracting work can also be an option if a key employee is absent and a competent stand-in is needed, for example to provide ongoing support for IT systems.
  • What is false self-employment?

  • False self-employment occurs when someone works for a company as a self-employed person on a service or contract basis, but actually performs other, non-self-employed work in an employer-employee relationship. This means they have to pay social insurance contributions and income tax.

    (Source: IHK).

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