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Contract Work

Efficient personnel planning

Professionals for IT Projects und Engineering Projects

Hiring contract workers can help companies out in all kinds of situations: We train potential candidates for you and assess whether they fit the team and corporate culture.


When you introduce new technologies it can be useful to hire experts on a temporary basis. Or perhaps you’re losing a key member of staff for a limited period and you need a replacement with similar skills, for example to support your IT systems and keep them running.

Contracting – for maximum flexibility

Contract work offers companies maximum flexibility to react appropriately to constantly changing market conditions. Our experts help you cushion the peaks at busy times. With contracting we provide you with staff on contracts based on the German Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG). This benefits both you as a company and our experts. Along with service and special-order contracts, this gives our clients another contract option for hiring staff for their projects.

Your benefits

More flexibility and reduced risk
Temporary hire of highly specialised experts to introduce new technologies
Know-how transfer from external specialists to internal staff

Contract work – By and for specialists

We are your recruitment partner for highly skilled experts for temporary roles!