Outplacement in IT and Engineering

Companies going through change provide an opportunity for reorientation!


Businesses that have to part ways with top performers face particular challenges. Those affected should be treated with respect and appreciation. A fair exit process should be part of a company’s ethos, because the image, company morale and motivation of the remaining team members are at stake.

Reorientation as an opportunity

topitservices AG supports you through your outplacement processes. Together with your human resources department and the affected staff from the IT departments, we help them through the transition to new jobs. Within an average of six months, we place IT specialists and managers in a new position with a different company.

Your benefits

Ongoing contact with our client consultants regarding current market trends and opportunities
Feedback from our IT-recruiting experts on the quality of application documents. Information from our client consultants on local companies in the target IT market
Access to over 500 new IT jobs a day, including positions not publicly advertised