Personnel Placement

Personnel placement in IT and Engineering

Do you need professional help recruiting specialists and managers who fit your exact requirements? Do you expect discretion and neutrality in the selection process for the best-suited candidates?


And of course you also expect a good selection of highly qualified applicants at attractive rates. We assist you with your recruiting process – from working out your requirements all the way through to placing the most suitable candidate.

Quality assurance of candidate selection

We select our experts very carefully to make sure the candidates we put forward match our clients’ needs. We do this by checking their qualifications and analysing their potential, interviewing applicants and evaluating this information with the help of our expert tool topBase™. The quality of the service we offer is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Help finding personnel

Our Service Managers have many years’ experience and know the market and the salary structure. To help us find the right candidate for your needs we use our comprehensive network of experts and business partners as well as our contacts to worldwide applicant portals and other institutions.

Your benefits

Quality assurance through multi-stage assessment of candidates, from telephone interviews to face-to-face meeting
Potential and skill analysis
Consideration of strengths and weaknesses with regard to the planned field of work
Selection process for best-suited candidate and presentation of selected profiles