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  • Vocational qualifications as IT Specialist in Systems Integration and Personnel Service Specialist at top itservices AG
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  • Vocational qualifications as IT Specialist in Systems Integration and Personnel Service Specialist at top itservices AG
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    IT Specialist in Systems Integration

  • Vocational qualifications as IT Specialist in Systems Integration and Personnel Service Specialist at top itservices AG
    Vocational training with top itservices AG:

    Personnel Service Specialist

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top itservices AG offers two vocational qualifications with excellent future prospects: IT Specialist in Systems Integration and Personnel Service Specialist.

There are various fields of work open to Personnel Service Specialists. They can work for personnel service companies like top itservices AG or in HR departments of large enterprises. Their work includes HR consulting, personnel placement and recruitment, and managing staff development.

top itservices AG also offers the qualification IT Specialist in Systems Integration. Activities include procurement, provision and implementation of IT systems, supervising, supporting and training users, as well as analysing and troubleshooting hardware and software errors.

Staff testimonials – Why we like working for top itservices AG

Personal reference: Ms. Wilhelmi
„I have great colleagues at top itservices AG and it’s very much a family environment“,
Denise Wilhelmi, Munich
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„I’ve worked for top itservices AG for many years now. My area of responsibility is very interesting and varied. I just find it exciting to constantly test and implement new technologies“,
Josef Kraus, Munich

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IT Specialist in Systems Integration

The vocational qualification IT Specialist has existed since 1997. Qualification takes three years and follows the dual system, which means time is split between working in a company and attending vocational school. As a temporary-employment agency for IT, top itservices AG offers the vocational qualification IT Specialist specialising in systems integration.

The work of an IT Specialist in systems integration includes developing hardware and software, building information and communication systems, and installing multiuser systems so that colleagues can communicate with each other and exchange data. IT specialists in system integration know how to install mainframe systems, i.e. computers that control and interconnect individual PCs. They are responsible for fixing application problems, explaining new systems and answering all IT questions. They advise users of software systems and can work in data centres, on radio networks or regulating networks.

For this qualification, you should be interested in technology and have a good general education. You must also be good at organising and planning, be sociable, able to present your ideas, happy to answer questions and able to work independently. After several years of professional practice, the IT Specialist will also have interesting opportunities for further development, such as becoming a qualified trainer or qualifying further as a certified business IT specialist.

For further information on the qualification, visit: http://www.fachinformatiker-systemintegration.com/

Personnel Service Specialist

The vocational qualification Personnel Service Specialist (PSS) was created in 2008. This innovative, modern qualification offers school leavers with varied interests excellent development opportunities for the working world of tomorrow.

top itservices AG too has been offering this interesting and varied qualification since September 2011. The state-approved (Germany) PSS training takes three years and the final exam is taken at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). Within the framework of the dual education system, the training is divided between the training company and vocational school.

The varied work of a PSS includes, for example, recruiting personnel. This involves checking the job and applicant markets, formulating job adverts and publishing them. They select suitable candidates, interview and advise them and match requirement profiles with applicant profiles. They also contribute to the hiring and contract-completion processes, keep personnel files, create payroll accounts and plan personnel development, for example by organising further-training measures. Personnel service specialists also work in acquisition. They acquire companies as clients, source suitable personnel for the client and look after client companies. And not least, they also perform commercial tasks such as project management and controlling.

With the PSS qualification, you can then work for a personnel service company or in HR departments of large enterprises. Since January 2011, you can also go on to further training as a Personnel Services Business Administrator.

For further information on the qualification, visit: http://www.alle-achtung.info/