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top itservices AG is one of Germany’s leading providers of IT personnel services. With a staff of more than 700 and 90,000 experienced specialists on our network, we have been helping our Clients to implement complex IT and engineering solutions for over 35 years and are among the top project providers and employers in these areas. Your success is our goal.
Job Description
  • Deliver end to end stacks / infrastructure environments, standard and guidelines incl. security aspects
  • Support of documentation and architectural picture for handover to operations
  • Provide adequate support in request evaluation and delivery of infrastructure in time and quality additional resource for planning and delivery of infrastructure
  • Documentation
  • Ability to understand the infrastructure and technical design to provide the adequate answer
  • IT professional experience in the complex network and datacentre
  • IT professional experience within infrastructure on Network (Global and datacentre technologies), OS Level (Linux & Windows), IP services (directory ...)
  • Highly communication skills
Are you interested in that offering - please send us your application (in English) for the Job-ID 923-5275 to job-01@top-itservices.com. Your contact Person is Mrs. Klaudia Polanski.
 Inselkammerstraße 1
 82008 Unterhaching
 Tel:  +49 89 95468-147
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