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top itservices AG is a personnel service provider for the IT and engineering sectors. Since 1980 we have specialised in helping our clients find highly skilled experts and executing projects ourselves. As a medium-sized company, we are a professional partner for any business that requires IT and engineering services and are one of the top project providers and employers in these areas.
Job Description
  • Provide guidance and support to the team throughout the entire process improvement initiative
  • Responsible for the set up of test process
  • As well as the introduction and the proceed of test process
  • Preperation of test-cases and test-data
  • Ecellent knowledge of test process framework / test consulting experience
  • Experience in applying quality management and process improvement
  • Strong analytical, process design & presentation skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge on change and release management 
  • Excellent writtan and oral (English & German) communication skills
Job Information
  •  Project duration until at least end of March 2017
Are you interested in that offering - please send us your application (in English) for the Job-ID 923-5286 to job-01@top-itservices.com. Your contact Person is Mrs. Klaudia Polanski.
 Inselkammerstraße 1
 82008 Unterhaching
 Tel: +49 89 95468-0
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