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Permanent or freelance (part time, about 70-80%) Punkt Stellenanzeige Rot Frankfurt Punkt Stellenanzeige Rot Asap
top itservices AG is a renowned and successful personnel service company for the IT and engineering sectors. We provide expert support for our clients by supplying skilled specialists for their projects. When it comes to implementing complex IT and engineering solutions, we have been one of the top project providers and employers in these sectors for over 35 years. More than 700 employees and around 90,000 experienced specialists from our network of experts ensure the success of our projects. Your success is our goal.
Job Description
  • Data Harmonization on German Data Layers: Development of Data Model, Data Dictionary, Business Data Layer
  • Client Portal Enhancements: Implement various features and functionalities to streamline production
  • Report Product Standardization & Migration: Replacement of Harmonized Reporting Packages
  • Graphic user interface (GUI) screen layout and composition
  • Automatize Report Production, Migrate SAP BO Reports
  • Icon design and pixel-level design
  • Page layout and composition
  • Excellent know-how in UI-Design and Strong skill set and know-how in IX- / UX-Design
  • Profound experience with GUI development principles, tools, and technologies
  • Knowledge of existing and new technologies and constraints
  • Strong communication and management skills
  • Fluent in spoken and written German and English
Are you interested in that offering - please send us your application (in English) for the Job-ID 923-5323 to job-01@top-itservices.com. Your contact Person is Mrs. Klaudia Polanski.
 Inselkammerstraße 1
 82008 Unterhaching
 Tel: +49 89 95468-0
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