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    We offer talented individuals the chance to start their career with us and top performers the chance to climb the career ladder. Take a look for yourself

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    In Sales, Recruiting, Telemarketing or Back Office

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    Sharing knowledge, finding solutions, multiplying expertise

A career with top itservices AG

Imagine looking for a job and enjoying the process…

top itservices AG is a personnel specialist and service provider extraordinaire – here people work for people. We don’t just sell – we find solutions together. We don’t just recruit new staff – we support you on your career path. At top itservices AG we don’t just make demands on you – we also help you develop! Do you love challenges and are looking for the right employer? Come and join us!

What makes top itservices AG an attractive employer?

As one of the market leaders in a dynamic industry, top itservices AG is a solid and reliable employer. As a high-growth company we offer employees with expertise every opportunity for professional and personal development.

Career starters, executives, professionals and managers – all can build a career with us in Sales, Recruiting or Telemarketing. A job with us means interesting work, a friendly and helpful environment and the freedom to make autonomous decisions. Our team players recognise these opportunities and actively use them. Our professionals have personality!

Your benefits at a glance

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Excellent training and qualification
Our top it Academy teaches field-tested standards, with which you can quickly gain a foothold in business and climb the career ladder. Our managers keep a close eye on newcomers as part of their commitment to talent management. Under the auspices of the top it Academy, staff acquire expertise and confidence from the use of defined methods, they learn to cooperate on problem-solving to help improve their own qualities, and top performers are given special support.
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High job security
In the course of over 35 years in the industry,top itservices AG has developed a wealth of expertise from which clients, partners and staff benefit in equal measure. Those who join us not only gain excellent qualifications but can also develop long-term prospects and specifically plan their career. Take this opportunity to actively help shape our company and grow with us!
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Attractive promotion prospects
Together with their supervisors, our staff develop a career plan with prospects: Thanks to the transparent hierarchies and systematised Academy process, potential and successes of our staff quickly get noticed. You can be sure that your talent will be supported and your hard work will pay off.
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Good Work-Life-Balance
We accept our staff in all their diversity. All that matters is that we work together for the success of our company! Some of our staff work part-time to accommodate parenting or care responsibilities. With us, both men and women take parental leave without setting back their career. And staff who do volunteer work in their spare time also receive our support.
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Performance is rewarded!
We selectively promote talented individuals and reward those with creative drive who enjoy taking on challenges and responsibility. And of course staff at top itservices AG who stand out through exceptional performance also benefit from financial rewards. Everyone has their future in their own hands!

Make your career with top itservices AG

Climb the career ladder with us! We offer excellent opportunities for professional development in three service areas: Sales, Recruiting and Telemarketing.

Our standardised, transparent career paths give you plenty of opportunity to broaden your skills and focus on reaching the next stage in your career. Salaries and bonuses, which are based on our multi-level career model, are clearly defined and openly communicated. If you are open to new things and are happy to take on responsibility, you can create your own professional future with us.

The top itservices career plan

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Build up knowledge
For all service areas of top itservices AG we have developed methods and procedures that are used consistently with our clients and partners. You benefit from options based on ongoing learning which allow you to build up your core competences and – the further your career progresses – the corresponding specialist skills. You take part in trainings and courses that give you a basic knowledge of how we work and enable you to perform excellent work.
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Acquire practical experience
At top itservices AG you will experience a friendly, communicative and helpful working environment, where you can always discuss your particular area of focus with mentors and colleagues. You can quickly demonstrate and expand your newly acquired skills on the job, and experienced colleagues are happy to share their knowledge with you.
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Take on responsibility
You control your career by gradually advancing to positions with greater responsibility where you can also master new challenges. You help stimulate the company’s success, motivate newcomers and team members, and think and act like an entrepreneur.
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Reap the rewards!
At team leader and management level you take on personnel responsibility and work actively and creatively on the growth strategies of top itservices AG AG. You demonstrate both the ability to communicate and make decisions and motivational leadership skills. The better your team is, the more this pays off for you.

The top it Academy

Every year we offer a broad spectrum of technical and commercial training and qualifications. Our it Academy teaches field-tested standards – basic knowledge, concepts, methods – with which you can quickly gain a foothold in business.

The top it Academy combines workshop units (around 20 percent) with on-the-job training modules (around 80 percent). All managers at top itservices AG are committed to talent management. They provide regular feedback and help new staff adopt best-practice standards and build their individual success strategy on them. Under the auspices of top it Academy, sound knowledge and the certainty of defined methods give staff a basis for acting under their own responsibility; they learn to cooperate on problem-solving to help improve their own qualities; and top performers are given special support.

Programmed for success –
the top it Academy curriculum

The curriculum of the top it Academy comprises various modules, each with the successive levels Intro, Basic, Advanced and Expert.

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Success factors at top itservices AG
You get to know the business model of top itservices AG and acquire comprehensive basic knowledge from all areas of IT. Because every member of top itservices AG, whether salesperson, recruiter or manager, must know the demands of the industry and be able to recognise and assess the skills of IT experts. Efficient project management and good self-organisation are also among the success factors of our company.
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Business communication
Other crucial skills for our staff include good communication, being able to explain succinctly, and the ability to converse in critical situations also. Finally, in our "Expert" module we teach you methods for strategic negotiations and communicating at top management level.
Sales and sales processes
What client market does top itservices AG operate in? How is a successful sales process structured? How do you acquire clients on the phone? The modules of our sales trainings take you from understanding proven success patterns right through to developing new strategic tools.
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Recruiting and recruiting processes
How is the applicant market structured in the IT business? Through which channels do you reach potential experts? What does strategic networking mean? The field of recruiting requires process knowledge, empathy and technical know-how. We teach you the basics and enable you to win over the best in your field to top itservices AG.
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Management seminars
Those who have reached a management position at top itservices AG can also continue to learn at this high level. Among the skills that managers can get to grips with in trainings and workshops are conflict management, personnel management, talent management and strategic management. We have summarised the basic success patterns in a management fieldbook.