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  • Contract Work in IT and engineering
    bitts. GmbH is now called top itservices AG

    But there’s no change for you – the two firms are simply merging under company law

  • Contract Work in IT and engineering
    More flexibility through contract work

    Support from highly specialised experts

  • Contract Work in IT and engineering
    Additional resources for special projects

    Bridge staff shortages – invest in the future

Contract work in IT and engineering

top itservices AG specialises in recruiting highly-skilled specialists in the fields of IT and engineering.

We enable you to plan your human resources efficiently and just-in-time. And with our InStaffing model you can take on our IT and engineering experts permanently at a later date.

InStaffing is a combination of classic personnel placement and contracting. Do you want to bridge staff shortages temporarily and at the same time invest in the future? Then this special form of contracting could be just what you need. InStaffing offers all the benefits of classic personnel placement, such as developing internal resources, exclusive access to experts and building up long-term expertise. Suitable experts are initially employed by top itservices AG and hired out to your company. Then after 12 or 24 months you can take them on permanently.

Interesting projects for experts

Contract work is an interesting option for those changing career or returning to work, as well as for specialists. It allows IT experts and engineers to take on new professional challenges or get reacquainted with old career skills. And for freelancers it can be a useful means to tide them over between projects.

Benefits for experts:

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Access to interesting projects
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Build up skills in specialist areas
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Chance to work on high-security projects

More flexibility for companies

Along with special-order contracts and service agreements, contracting gives our clients another contract-based option for hiring experts for their projects. It allows both partners to get to know each other and decide jointly whether they want to work together long term.

Benefits for companies:

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Flexible response to changing market situations
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Temporary hire of highly specialised experts to implement new technologies
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Know-how transfer from external specialists to permanent staff
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Chance to assess and train potential employees


Member of iGZ – German Association of Temporary Employment Agencies

Logo iGZ With contracting, top itservices AG provides staff on contracts based on the German Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG). This benefits both experts and companies. We have an unlimited licence from the German Federal Employment Office to lease employees according to the AÜG.

top itservices AG is a member of the German Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (iGZ e.V.). Within the framework of the AÜG, the collective labour agreements of the iGZ apply. As a committed employer, we offer jobs with prospects and opportunities for further development.