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top itservices AG is a renowned and successful personnel service company for the IT and engineering sectors. We provide expert support for our clients by supplying skilled specialists for their projects. When it comes to implementing complex IT and engineering solutions, we have been one of the top project providers and employers in these sectors for over 35 years. More than 700 employees and around 90,000 experienced specialists from our network of experts ensure the success of our projects. Your success is our goal.
Job Description
  • Responsibility for system integration of the AIMS EUV-system until software is approved
  • Carry out system tests and put AIMS EUV tools into operation
  • Secure the support and troubleshooting for problems with AIMS EUV-system, on-site, via telephone or email
  • Develop, prepare and carry out trainings for clients and team with focus on software and automatization
  • Create a technical document in English that details implementation, maintenance and application of the AIMS EUV-system automated software
  • University degree in mechanical or electrical engineering, mechatronics, physics or information technology
  • Alternatively, completed training as technician with extensive work experience in the area of software and automatization
  • In-depth knowledge of highly automated systems as well as expertise in system testing and system integration
  • Experienced in the handling and commissioning of automated systems
  • Knowledge in VxWorks and C++ programming and the field of functional security for automated systems
  • Very strong English skills (written and spoken)
  • Willingness to travel internationally as well as willingness to work in two-shift-system
Are you interested in that offering - please send us your application for the Job-ID 599-97012 to job-01@top-itservices.com.
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 Tel: +49 30 4355092-119
*If the text for better readability, does not explicitly distinct between masculine and feminine form, both are nevertheless always meant.